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"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer." Acts 2:42.

Like the early Church, we want to connect with Jesus Christ and other people. We are passionate about growing in a deep relationship with Jesus Christ -- our most important relationship. When we draw near to God, we build our lives on a firm foundation that cannot be shaken by our circumstances. God will use our lives to impact His Kingdom. 

We are also passionate about connecting with people -- both inside and outside of Christ Community Church. Life-change happens best in the context of community. That's why "Community" is in our name.

Two excellent ways to connect with God and people at CCC are through Body Life 2.0 and Small Groups. Body Life 2.0 provides an opportunity to discuss the application of the message in break-out groups immediately after the sermon. Joining a Small Group provides an opportunity to dive deeper into the Bible, experience God and His character, pray, and share each other's joys and burdens. CCC offers Small Groups for various stages of life that meet on campus and other locations.

We also connect by building relationships with our neighbors, co-workers, and others who are part of our daily lives. Connecting in these contexts ensures we are missional in our relationships that extend beyond the immediate CCC family.


Question: How are you connecting with Jesus Christ and other Believers in the Body of Christ?

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