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When you experience Sunday morning here at Christ Community Church it’s easy to slip into the mindset that “this is all there is.”

We want you to know that God has so much more for you! To really plug in, to really be an obedient follower of Christ, and an active part of this family of faith, we teach 4 things that every person should do:


- CONNECT with other believers through Life Groups & Body Life 2.0.

- SERVE the Lord by serving the mission of the church.

- INVITE others to be a part of what God is doing.

- GIVE financially to the church through tithes and offerings.


The benefits are overwhelming for the individual, but, collectively, when the Church is filled with people who are joyfully living out these four things, nothing can stop our influence in the city. These four things will build momentum in this Church, and catapult your faith at the same time. 


Take time to read about each one:

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